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The Calendar Date Custom Field is a plugin design to work with Virtuemart within Joomla CMS. It allows you to add independently configured calendars for each listing.

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Virtuemart Plugins is a group of add-on functions designed to add value to your website and extend how you work with the Virtuemart Ecommerce System. The Calendar Date plugin is a Custom Field option designed for a frontend, user driven communication date tool. Because it is a custom field option you can apply it individually to specific VM listings; and more importantly, you can control the calendar parameters independently. Meaning, you do NOT have to generate multiple custom fields if you want to change a criteria. Each date the user selects will be saved as an attributes in the shopping cart and in final receipts and invoices. Installing the plugin is super simple as it installs as a regular Joomla plugin. From Standard, Advanced, Reservation and to Extreme Versions; each one built on top of the other so there is no need to recreate your fields if you ever need to upgrade or downgrade the options for your website.