joomla virtuemart version

    Installs as a Joomla plugin

    Installs as a Joomla plugin

    Installs as a Joomla plugin

    Over 35 individual points of customization

    Over 35 individual points of customization

    Over 35 individual points of customization

    Accessible as a Virtuemart custom field

    Accessible as a Virtuemart custom field

    Accessible as a Virtuemart custom field

    use the Virtuemart Calendar Date plugin instead
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    vm calendar core feature

    Core Function

    Each Virtuemart Calendar field operates independently to your listing. This allows you to use 1 custom field with completely independent styling choices.

    vm calendar settings feature

    Add Your Style

    Each Calendar field can be adapted to match the personality of your website image. Creating diversity and pulling your site away from that cookie-cutter feel.

    vm calendar date blocking feature

    Date Blocking

    Since the Calendar Plugin is a Virtuemart custom field, you can use the advanced date blocking options without having to setup multiple Calendar fields.

    vm calendar reservation feature

    Simple Reservation Feature

    Transform a Virtuemart Listing into a reservation system be able to calculate total days, block days if a sale occurs, total cost for reserved days and much more.

    vm calendar auto email feature

    Send Automatic Emails

    Send automatic email messages to buyers based on your communication criteria and custom email template and have it be relatable to individual Virtuemart listings.


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    It Never Forgets.
    Saved in the cart, invoices and order history.

    The beauty of this plugin is that it functions exactly like every other Virtuemart custom field to where the selected date is saved and associated directly to the product. The data is kept in your database. This means the date and the label you created for the date picker is displayed in the shopping cart, in receipts to the customer, in your order invoice and as a reference in your order history.

    Virtuemart does have a core date custom field but it is admin specific, and confined to you choosing a limited amount of specific dates. Now you have the flexibility of building a creative edge for your website. Create one field with unlimited unique options for a user and product focused shopping environment.


    Quick and Effortless.
    Adapts to each listing individually.

    Even though it has been designed for Virtuemart, it installs directly though Joomla’s extension manager. Once installed and enabled, you simply have to create a custom field in VirtueMart to start using this advanced calendar date field.

    Besides all of the relevant and practical options ranging from changing the calendar text to your local language, to blocking specific dates, to taking advantage of the automatic email capabilities. A great practical function is the ability to itemize each calendar directly in the listing so it is absolutely relevant to the specific listing.

    To save you the hassle of referring back to our online manual, each advanced option includes reminder notes to guide you in entering the correct type of information.


    Each version supports the next higher version

    Advanced includes all styling from the Standard Version  |  the Reservation includes everything from the Standard and Advanced  |  the Extreme version includes everything

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