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    VirtueMart Calendar Date Field
    Advanced Version

    The ADVANCED version will allow you to set your local language, enter an HTML message below the calendar, change themes and many other styling options. It will give you custom control over how and what calendar days need to be BLOCKED on the calendar. You can set BLOCKED days based on custom days, date ranges, specific weeks, and much more.

    Core Date Functions

    Change Date Format

    You can the way the date is formatted and displayed to frontend users, this also relates over to how the date will be displayed on orders. When you create your Calendar Custom Field in Virtuemart; simply choose the best layout for your needs, there are 6 possible options. As an added convenience you can also alter the date format when applying it to a specific product. When you change the date in the Virtuemart product detail screen it will only change the date format for that specific product.

    date format

    Change Language

    You can the language on the calendar into 68 different languages. When you create your Calendar Custom Field in Virtuemart; simply choose your local language. You can also change the language settings when you assign the Calendar Field to a product entry in VirtueMart (VM2).

    change language

    Enter A Custom HTML Message

    You can include a custom message in HTML or plain text under each calendar. If you are not fluent in HTML simply use your WYSIWYG text editor and then copy the HTML code into the message block. You can set a default message by entering your message in the custom field setup. Or, alter the message directly when you assign it to a product entry.

    custom message

    Change Date Area Size

    If you change the date format you may find the displayed date does not fit into the default size of the field area. You can increase or decrease the size of the field block / displayed date by entering a number value into the “Size of input” field in the VirtueMart Custom Field setup section.

    size of input

    Charge An Extra Amount To Select A Date

    This is a default Virtuemart Custom field option. If you need to charge an extra amount for a user to select a date, then this can be configured when you add the Calendar Field to a product. Note: you cannot assign a specific value for individual dates. It is just one fee for selecting any date.


    Calendar Styling

    Loading Animation Styles

    You have an option of 10 different animation styles to control how the calendar is loaded when you click on the calendar field.


    Load Calendar Themes

    With the Advanced and Extreme versions of the calendar date plugin you have a choice of 24 different calendar themes. Each calendar can have a different layout theme. You can also edit the individual CSS files to create your own theme that best represents the style of your website. You can define a default theme in the Custom Field setup or change the theme for a specific product entry when you assign your calendar field to a product.


    Show Dates In Other Months

    If you would like to shows dates from other months in the current calendar month, answer Yes to the option “Dates in other months”.

    dates in other months

    Show Month And Year Dropdown Menu

    You can control if you would like to show the month and year as a menu dropdown option at the top of the calendar.

    month and year menu

    Show Multiple Months

    By default, only a one month calendar will be displayed when a user selects a date. You can change this by entering a number in the field option called “Multiple Months”. In the example below, 3 months are displayed.

    multiple months

    Show Weeks Of The Year

    If it is necessary for you to show the weeks of the year to your customers on the Calendar Date Picker you can elect to show this styling option. Simply select the option “Show Weeks Of The Year”. This can be configured in the Custom Field setup and in the Virtuemart product detail view.

    weeks of the year

    Include A Button Bar

    This option adds a Today and Done button to the bottom of the calendar.

    button bar


    Blocking Days

    Enter An Earliest Selectable Date

    This is a great feature and offers a lot of practical real-world applications. The earliest date is a number you assign to block the number of days after ‘todays’ date to prevent the user from selecting a date as a valid option.

    In the example below; we entered the number 3 as the earliest date option. This means that 3 days are going to be blocked off from the current date. The current date in the example is March 15. You can see that it will only allow a user to select March 18 as the earliest possible selectable date.

    earliest date1

    earliest date2

    Block Days Of The Week

    If you need to block certain days in the week from being selected as a valid date options then this feature will be incredibly useful. When you enter a day it will block ALL days through the entire year.
    In the example below we entered sunday,wednesday so all of these day are now blocked for the entire year.

    block days1

    block days2

    Block Weeks

    If you need to block out entire weeks at a time you can also do that with the Virtuemart Calendar Date Picker. Simply enter the week number you would like to block. You can configure this at the product entry level. Meaning, you can have 1 Calendar Custom Field and then assign specific individualized blocking requirements for each Virtuemart (VM2) product / service listing.

    block weeks1

    block weeks2

    block weeks3

    Block Months

    Multiple variations can be used at the same time to block days and display calendar styling options. If you need to block out an entire month you can achieve this by simply entering a number for the month you would like to block. Example: January = 1, February = 2, etc.

    In the example below we have entered 4 for April and are displaying 2 months at a time.

    block months1

    block months2

    Block Specific Dates

    One of the great features of the Calendar Date Picker is the ability to block out days. In particular, the advantage to block specific dates is incredibly useful. In the example below Christmas (December 25) has been block as an invalid date option.
    The date HAS TO be written as dd/mm/yyyy. If at first, the date is not being blocked, check the format and correct the number sequence.

    block date

    Block Date Ranges

    You can block out MULTIPLE date ranges instead of entering concurrent dates.
    A date range HAS TO be written as dd/mm/yyyy- dd/mm/yyyy. You can separate multiple date ranges by using a comma (,).
    In the example below the date range is 27/03/2014-15/04/2014. Meaning from March 27 to April 15 no dates can be selected.

    block date ranges


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